Canon No. 19

This one’s a long time coming. The melody and haunting i-VI-VII-i, derived from “Tam Lin,” have been stewing for many years. Hopefully I’ll have it done tonight. It’s fitting weather for composing this — thunder, lighting and rain.

Canon No. 12

Here’s a canon I just finished. I has an unusual rhythm; a mixture of sextuple and duple meters. Like some of the last few I’ve done, it’s a strict, endless canon.

Canon No. 10

Here’s one of three flute duets I’ve done this weekend so far. Hopefully I’ll get several more finished before Monday. All these will go in a music book I’ll have published this year.

Canon 9 finished-ish

Alright, this endless canon is done, although there may be revisions later. Unlike some of the other flute duets I’ve written recently, this one is a strict canon, with the Flute 1 and 2 parts identical,