‘The Call of Ithaca’

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Here’s a piece I wrote late last year called “The Call of Ithaca.” I’m hoping to make a human recording of it this year, but for now it’s midi.

The piece is based on Odysseus’s time on Ogygia with Calypso.  The section at the beginning is supposed to be reminiscent of  waves on the beach, and something like it recurs later in the piece. The next melody represents Calypso and their all-is-well, carefree, timeless period on the island. This is followed by a melody that represents Odysseus thinking of his family back in Ithaca. He hasn’t seen them in many years and part of him wants to go back home. The next melody represents a return back to bliss with Calypso and forgetting about home. It goes back and forth, with Odysseus finally deciding to leave the island.

The audio file above may be distributed freely as it is. But it may not be used for the purpose of obtaining revenue, or incorporated into products for sale, or incorporated into other media for distribution. For more information, contact me.

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