‘Music from the First Age, Volume V’ is complete

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On May 2, 2020, I wrote a short duet for the pennywhistle on somewhat of a whim. At some point that month, I decided to write around 10-20 duets to publish in a single book. A year and eight months later, I have 50 duets written, 46 of which are published. Forty-five of them are spread out over five volumes, and one is quite a long fugue I published as a standalone piece. All these pieces are duets suitable for the pennywhistle, Irish flute, recorder, concert flute, violin, and really any treble clef instrument. With the publication of the fifth volume in the “Music from the First Age” series, available at Amazon and Sheet Music Plus, my goal of producing a substantial amount of fun-to-play, nontraditional music suitable for the tin whistle has been realized. Find all volumes on Amazon and Sheet Music Plus.

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