Excerpt from ‘Lord of the Fountains’ Fugue’

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This is an excerpt of a fugue I wrote, performed by Kä Neunhoffer, a concert flutist and film composer.

The piece is unusual in that it’s just two voices; most fugues I’ve encountered are written in at least three voices. It’s also unusual because it’s written with the tin whistle in mind. Although it moves through many keys, accidentals are approached in such a way as to make it easy for tin whistle players to use half-hole technique even if they’re not that used to using it.

Although written with a “simple” instrument in mind, the piece spans two octaves and also is suitable for concert flute, violin, tin whistle and Irish flute. Sheet music can be found at Amazon, Sheet Music Plus, and Sheet Music Direct. Those who would like the piece offered in a different pitch range are welcome to let me know.

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